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****St.Andrew's Gate House was flooded at Christmas.

Monday classes are now being held at St.Mary's Church Hall which is through the grounds of Parkside School in Stoke D'Abernon, and Friday classes are at the Stoke D'Abernon Village Hall on Station Road until further notice.  We hope to return to Church Gate House in June or July, fingers crossed!

Term Dates:

Mature Movers

Spring Term ends Friday 4th April 2014

Summer Term starts Tuesday 22nd April

Total Body Conditioning 

Spring Term ends Thursday 3rd April

Summer Term starts Tuesday 22nd April


Cobham Fitness Classes in Cobham Cobham

Come and work out with Nicki's Fitness exercise classes in Cobham: Total Body Conditioning or Mature Movers! and brand new BarreConcept classes beginning on April 24th 2014.

Nicki Westacott has been involved in the fitness industry since 2001.  She started with Body Conditioning classes in a church hall and then worked in a variety of sports clubs in the local area.  Over time she developed different classes including Mature Movers, Fitness Pilates, Aqua and circuits including Ski Fitness. Today she focuses upon Total Body Conditioning and Mature Movers, and has recently added BarreConcept to the mix.

Classes are changed weekly to keep them interesting and fun. Nicki regularly attends workshops and masterclasses to keep up with the latest trends in the fitness industry, so that she can pass them on to you and  keep you motivated and energised!.

To find the most suitable class for you please read the class descriptions on the following pages, and contact Nicki if you want any more information.

Classes run in term time on a pay as you go basis.  Mature Movers and Total Body Conditioning run for one hour and cost £5.50. 

BarreConcept is a course of 10 classes for £80 or £10 per session.

For more details on specific classes, and testimonials from participants, please click on the class you are interested in:



Total Body Conditioning



 Timetable:                                            Locations:


Monday                                                                St. Andrew's Churchgate House Centre

  9.30am Mature Movers 60+                                                           Downside Bridge Road

10.30am Mature Movers 70+                                                           Cobham

St.Andrew's Churchgate House Centre                             Surrey KT11 3EJ



  9.30am Total Body Conditioning                                    Cobham United Reformed Church Hall

10.45am Mature Movers 60+                                                           38 Stoke Road

Cobham United Reformed Church                                                   Cobham

                                                                                                         Surrey KT11 3BD


  9.30am Total Body Conditioning                                                  

Cobham United Reformed Church 

 7.30pm BarreConcept  from April 24th                                              



9.30am Mature Movers 60+                                                                                                                   

St.Andrew's Churchgate House Centre


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